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Unblocking The Creative Strain: Photographer and 3D Logo Makers Explain

Understanding Creative Blocks from the Artist’s POV

Do you have the bad case of writer’s block? While this isn’t an unheard of scenario, it can be tough when your entire livelihood depends on the climate of your creative spark. We decided to hit the streets of Montreal, a city best known for its creative endeavours. Upon entering the mile-end, our team of journalists scoured the quaint French-inspired cafés to interview a few artists.


A Photographer’s Way of Dealing

The first artist we encountered was a photographer in charge of Portraits of Montreal, a rendition of Humans of New York where the concept is to go around Montreal and take photos of unique individuals, then asking them to tell you about their story. Mikael, the photographer, said that when he gets a creative block he likes to take a moment of absence away from the city, into nature. Since he has a far-away cottage near the lake in Northern Quebec, he will sometimes sporadically leave for the weekend and go technologically free. The scenic views of nature, the chirping of the birds and the smell of your coffee in the morning are all much more transparent when you’re not worrying about partner calls and Instagram inquiries. Zoning out can do much good for the creative soul.


A Designer Who Plays Guitar

We also ran into one of our favourite Montreal designers, the creator of Pixellogo, a 3D logo maker, that is. In fact, Raffi created our blog’s very own logo way back in the day when he first opened up his venture! He told us that thankfully his team is large enough now that if he does impose a creative issue, then he can delegate the work to designers who have the bug. He will also invest time in a completely different facet of his life, such as by cooking up new recipes, travelling to a small, obscure town, or working on his music. As a guitar player since the age of seven, Raffi allows himself to balance his creative soul with 3D logos and lyric writing.


Stress Can Be Good

After having successfully interviewed these two notable artists, we came to the conclusion that stress can sometimes be a good thing. At the same time, venturing into different realms of your life creatively or professionally allow yourself to get away from the impending problem that you are dealing with so that you can get back to it with a clean slate. Nonetheless, we noticed that a little bit of stress doesn’t hurt anyone as it pushes you to come up with quick, safe-guarded ideas to present to your audience.