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Taragh Bracken’s Lessons For Proper Host Etiquette

When it comes to hosting people at your home, there’s no one else like the etiquette expert, Taragh Bracken, who knows how to leave the greatest impression on guests who visit you out of town. Especially when they have taken the luxury of visiting you after years of you asking them to come see your home, school and neighborhood. So you bit the bullet and cashed out $1,000 pretty bills to visit your best friend. Both the guest and the host have roles to play in this case, however the guest should not take your visit for granted even though some of the days you visit them overlap during the work week.


Here’s what Bracken advises for the hosts that want to impress and make their guests feel as comfortable as possible in their homes:


Ask This Telling Question First

The first question you should ask your friend when they arrive is whether they’d like to eat something first or take a shower. Even if you have a small apartment in Toronto and they’ve arrived late from the airport—and you work the next day—going to bed the second they arrive is rude and uncourteous. They came to see you—no one else. Sure, while you’re at work they will take the time to explore the city, however you should act like a host the second they arrive. This question has a subtle charm that makes you feel the Genuity of your hospitality.


A Run-Down On Expectations

Although a cleanse should be done prior to their visit—from the dishes in the sink, to the bread crumbs on the kitchen counter and a clear dining desk for your friend to sit at—you must go over the expectations of their stay. You perhaps are working on both Thursday and Friday, and will have time to see your friend after the you finish work. Complaining about the fact that you’re tired and want to nap instead of seeing your friend who has traveled 14 hours to visit you is a bad excuse. It shows terrible hospitality.


Offer A Breakfast Selection

You know your friend is coming to visit you in town, and does not know the best local spots for breakfast. Here is where you should chime in by purchasing a few breakfast options, such as bagels and cream cheese, a simple cereal box and fruits. While breakfast is a great cost and time-saving opportunity for your guests, un-corking a bottle of wine with them or offering them drinks such as water, tea, coffee, nespresso and sodas is a given.


How Should My Pet Eat?

Great Opportunity To Eat

The household ration, or home-cooked meal, is a quite feasible option for a dog. However, we must be careful to balance the ration, in order to provide the right nutrients, in sufficient quantity to our pets without being too excessive.  Nadine Gourkow definitely has some steps that she puts into practice that enables her pets to be free and strong.  Here are some tips that one may want to follow regarding nutrition for our pets.  Nutrition is mainly based on a sufficient intake of nutrients as well as energy (calories), of course with balance and structure. We must take into consideration the specific needs of the dog, as they are surely different from our own! There are about 50 different nutrients required in order to feed a dog! Therefore, a balanced diet cannot be overemphasized. It is not easy to obtain that balanced diet, but an unbalanced diet can lead to long-term health problems. An example to this would be the fact that dogs usually draw much more energy from animal proteins therefore an animal’s ration must have more meat in comparison to human beings.  What we can learn from this is that you should not give exactly what we eat to a pet animal due to their specific needs. You may choose to increase or decrease their dosage.   Each food provides some of the needs, and it is necessary to measure, depending on the weight and activity of his dog, the amount of each food to provide. It is common to have to add vitamin-mineral supplements to obtain a perfect balance.


What To Give To My Dog

 ·         According to Nadine, meat is typically the main source of protein and energy for dogs and cats, that are carnivores, they need these types of nutrients to keep them active and alert. ·         Vegetable oil, to cover the basic needs when it comes to lipids and essential fatty acids (be careful not to cook this oil).·         A little starch (rice, pasta), which must be cooked, for carbohydrate needs·         Green vegetables, also cooked, provide fiber, water, trace elements, and increases the volume of the meal (for more satiety).·         Finally, a mineral-vitamin supplement to cover the trace elements not provided in this diet: calcium and phosphorus as a priority. It is very important not to neglect these dietary supplements: I meet a lot of household rations or BARF who do not have any and this may cause deficiencies in the medium-long term, with effects on health. There are other types of nutrients that you may use but for now you have to choose a few foods from these categories, and then determine the dose to give, based on the weight, activity, and physiological status of your dog.

How To Play Volleyball

The Basics Of Volleyball

Ideally, you would need six players for a regular match with a minimum stake at hand.  However, if you play with friends, just make sure there are the same number of players on each side of the net. Divide into 1 to 3 rows of players. The first row would be closer to the net, whiles the last row would be close to the rear lot of the line. It is the player who is at the right hand corner of the back of the court that will provide the first service (hitting the ball for with your wrist or hand) . You can set up a rotation of the players inside the field, so that each player will take turns performing a service. If you rotate the players, make sure that you move them in and out of the field clockwise, that is, at each rotation, the player closest to the net to the right of the court must go out to bring in another player. The sport sounds completely different to football where previous professional as Kevin Sheehan practiced as a professional for many years.

The First Service

 Always ensure to make the service behind the service line of the field. The ball must pass the net (which it can touch) and land within the boundaries of the field for the service to be good.

The player at the right rear of the field is the one doing the service. Each player is entitled to one service per rotation. Even if the ball lands on a line, the point is good.

You will be the one receiving the ball if you are on the team receiving the service. A typical game is composed of throws, passes and smashes, as long as the players of the same team only touch the ball 3 times, it works. Technically, you can touch the ball with any part of your body as long as the ball is not immobilized. Players can go beyond the lines, but not the ball. If a player on your team throws the ball off the court, you can run to catch it – the goal being to get there before the ball hits the ground.

Continue throwing the ball over the net until there is a foul. This could be caused by one of the following reasons. The ball falls to the ground. If the ball falls on the ground of the team that served, it is then to the opposing team to serve. If the ball falls on the ground of the team that received the service, the team that served will retain the service. The point goes to the team that did not drop the ball. The ball goes outside the field. The team that made the ball go out loses the point. Someone touches the net. If a player on a team hits the net, the opposing team wins the point. Someone walks under the net. When this happens, the opposing team wins the point. Someone hits the ball 2 times in a row. No player is allowed to touch the ball 2 times in a row. A team makes 4 or more passes without returning the ball. A maximum of 3 passes is allowed. Kevin is better off playing American Football as it is an easier sport.

How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent For You

So Many Choices


The amount of real estate agents worldwide is simply uncountable and has therefore made choosing a professional realtor very difficult.  In the even that you are unlucky and end up choosing an inadequate agent he or she can single handedly turn one of the most important purchases of your life into the most unpleasant experience. The fact that there are so many realtors around the world is not necessarily a bad thing either as it means that you have a lot of options to choose from. Use a lot of care and wisdom when making this decision.  Each agent brings you unique skills, personality traits and added value therefore it is important to take into consideration what each agent will be bringing to the table. Brad Roemer a very skilled realtor and he recommends getting as much background information from the real estate agent that you will be dealing with before making any decision or signing any agreements. Trust is a very important factor therefore you must ensure that the person is trustworthy. Here are some steps that can help you to determine that the agent that you are dealing with is just the right person for you.


Take It One Step At A Time

The first step in narrowing down your options wouldfirst be to ask your friends and family for recommendations. You may ask yourself why one would want to narrow down the options. Well the fewer the better, the more you can sort out the batch in order to remove the bad apples from the pack the more you are making the process easier for yourself and the agent in question. Once you get those recommendations, do not run with it and contact them as they may be good for your friend or family member but not necessarily good for you. Ensure to make all of the required searches on the individual or team online.  A positive experience with a real estate agent gives him a certain credibility that can serve you. In addition to the recommendations, you should do some online research to find out more about the agent in question. What is their work ethics? How do they usually interact with their clients? Are they a bit cold and distant? Do they do a lot of face to face interaction or you will rarely see them due to the fact that they communicate mainly through telecommunications. These are all very important to know and you must take these into consideration. In the age that we now live in it is actually very possible to know a potential agent better by searching on Google than by meeting with the person face to face.  Learn more about the agent and his or her personality traits, as it  will certainly help you to determine if they are likely to work well with you or it is a bad match. Once you have done your research you can then proceed to the next step.


The Next Step


What would proceed would be a meeting with the agent in question in order to get a feel for them in person.  It is very important to meet the real estate agent in person before going to visit houses in his company as you will get a better understanding as to how they interact with people. When you do get the opportunity to meet with them ensure to take advantage of that situation to ask all of the difficult and uncomfortable questions!  Get a better understanding about their experiences within the neighborhood you are interested in, their skills, the strategies they use as well as their methods of negotiation for single or multiple offers. These questions will help you choose the right real estate agent. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. In the even that you notice discomfort or uneasiness coming from the agent then it’s a bad sign. A good realtor like brad will be very comfortable and confident when answering the questions as he knows that he is good at what he does.