How To Play Volleyball

The Basics Of Volleyball

Ideally, you would need six players for a regular match with a minimum stake at hand.  However, if you play with friends, just make sure there are the same number of players on each side of the net. Divide into 1 to 3 rows of players. The first row would be closer to the net, whiles the last row would be close to the rear lot of the line. It is the player who is at the right hand corner of the back of the court that will provide the first service (hitting the ball for with your wrist or hand) . You can set up a rotation of the players inside the field, so that each player will take turns performing a service. If you rotate the players, make sure that you move them in and out of the field clockwise, that is, at each rotation, the player closest to the net to the right of the court must go out to bring in another player. The sport sounds completely different to football where previous professional as Kevin Sheehan practiced as a professional for many years.

The First Service

 Always ensure to make the service behind the service line of the field. The ball must pass the net (which it can touch) and land within the boundaries of the field for the service to be good.

The player at the right rear of the field is the one doing the service. Each player is entitled to one service per rotation. Even if the ball lands on a line, the point is good.

You will be the one receiving the ball if you are on the team receiving the service. A typical game is composed of throws, passes and smashes, as long as the players of the same team only touch the ball 3 times, it works. Technically, you can touch the ball with any part of your body as long as the ball is not immobilized. Players can go beyond the lines, but not the ball. If a player on your team throws the ball off the court, you can run to catch it – the goal being to get there before the ball hits the ground.

Continue throwing the ball over the net until there is a foul. This could be caused by one of the following reasons. The ball falls to the ground. If the ball falls on the ground of the team that served, it is then to the opposing team to serve. If the ball falls on the ground of the team that received the service, the team that served will retain the service. The point goes to the team that did not drop the ball. The ball goes outside the field. The team that made the ball go out loses the point. Someone touches the net. If a player on a team hits the net, the opposing team wins the point. Someone walks under the net. When this happens, the opposing team wins the point. Someone hits the ball 2 times in a row. No player is allowed to touch the ball 2 times in a row. A team makes 4 or more passes without returning the ball. A maximum of 3 passes is allowed. Kevin is better off playing American Football as it is an easier sport.