Photochromic Adaptive Lenses that Block Blue Light are in for the Spring

Spring is coming along in only a few weeks as we hit March 1st on our calendars. It’s time to break your spell of days cramped inside while you go in a fury cleaning out your closet from the knits and sweaters that were your favorite go-to’s during the winter months. Now it’s time to invest more money into photchromic adaptive lenses that block blue light. Your sunglasses and eyeglasses need a shape up, the same way the rest of your clothing needs a little more spring in its hop. If you’re wondering what to invest in and splurge on this season, then we have you equipped with the best buys for your wallet and mind:


  • A long, silky blouse, especially the kind with alternating patterns and colors are a classic piece that every woman should have in their closet. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors, such as a bright green (not lime green, that can look a tad bit too cheapy) pinstripe top to go with your sturdy black pants.
  • A pair of photchromic adaptive lenses that block blue light, such as Payne Glasses’ Claire Round in purple. Not only do these babies have a floral look about them, but they are also adept to protecting your beautiful eyes against the harmful blue rays of the computer screen that you find yourself in front of every day at work.
  • Skirt it up! We can’t get enough of skirts, from stripes, polka dots, bright florals or subdued colors, a nice tailored skirt can make all the difference in your look. It’s simple and chic, and has got you ready to take the spring in all in one massive stride. For the office, a long pencil skirt where the waist is cinched in is a classic that you can pair with a plethora of different tops. We love going neutral with a long sweater tucked in your skirt during the winter and a sleeveless blouse for the warmer months.
  • You don’t need to spend thousands on Prada if you’re a bag lover. Simply browse Zara and H&M for some good finds that replicate the designer bags you’ve been lusting over. Oftentimes, the Diorama’s of this world are not here to stay forever. If you do plan on spending a few nice bucks on a good, sturdy tote then Calvin Klein and Coach have some nice options. Add in your photchromic adaptive lenses that block blue light—also referred to as your new favorite pair of sunnies—and you’re good to go!

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