Taragh Bracken’s Lessons For Proper Host Etiquette

When it comes to hosting people at your home, there’s no one else like the etiquette expert, Taragh Bracken, who knows how to leave the greatest impression on guests who visit you out of town. Especially when they have taken the luxury of visiting you after years of you asking them to come see your home, school and neighborhood. So you bit the bullet and cashed out $1,000 pretty bills to visit your best friend. Both the guest and the host have roles to play in this case, however the guest should not take your visit for granted even though some of the days you visit them overlap during the work week.


Here’s what Bracken advises for the hosts that want to impress and make their guests feel as comfortable as possible in their homes:


Ask This Telling Question First

The first question you should ask your friend when they arrive is whether they’d like to eat something first or take a shower. Even if you have a small apartment in Toronto and they’ve arrived late from the airport—and you work the next day—going to bed the second they arrive is rude and uncourteous. They came to see you—no one else. Sure, while you’re at work they will take the time to explore the city, however you should act like a host the second they arrive. This question has a subtle charm that makes you feel the Genuity of your hospitality.


A Run-Down On Expectations

Although a cleanse should be done prior to their visit—from the dishes in the sink, to the bread crumbs on the kitchen counter and a clear dining desk for your friend to sit at—you must go over the expectations of their stay. You perhaps are working on both Thursday and Friday, and will have time to see your friend after the you finish work. Complaining about the fact that you’re tired and want to nap instead of seeing your friend who has traveled 14 hours to visit you is a bad excuse. It shows terrible hospitality.


Offer A Breakfast Selection

You know your friend is coming to visit you in town, and does not know the best local spots for breakfast. Here is where you should chime in by purchasing a few breakfast options, such as bagels and cream cheese, a simple cereal box and fruits. While breakfast is a great cost and time-saving opportunity for your guests, un-corking a bottle of wine with them or offering them drinks such as water, tea, coffee, nespresso and sodas is a given.


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